How did you get your first role in the tech industry?

Funny story – I moved to Australia and had been applying on LinkedIn etc but then whilst in Melbourne CBD, I knocked on the actual physical door of a boutique consulting firm and asked if they had a position. When I came back home, I forwarded them my CV which followed into an interview and an offer the following week. I consider myself very lucky to have done that and getting my foot into the Australian IT industry this way.

What does a day in your role as a BA look like?

It involves liaising with lots of people – business and tech and making things happen. It ranges from drawing up future state business processes, working through change impacts, ensuring requirements meets the benefits promised and then ensuring the work is meeting the delivery timelines.

Having worked at several leading organizations, which position or organization has had the most positive impact on your career and why?

Services Australia as it impacted the most vulnerable people and gave me a sense of giving back to community. It also allowed me meet some great people in my life and I learned a lot.

What do you enjoy most about being a BA or working in the IT industry?

The ability to bring ideas to life! Build a bridge to make organisation achieve what they wish!

What’s been your greatest achievement or challenge?

When I came to Australia, I did my part-time MBA at Melbourne Business school. I remember writing my last exam being fully pregnant with my second child. It was a challenging but a rewarding experience, all I can say is keep pursuing your goals in personal and professional life! Be resilient and you will get through it with the support of your loved ones! Family gives you strength.

What do you think are the most important transferable skills that you have developed?

Communication, stakeholder management, empathy and problem solving – needed everywhere in both personal and professional life.

What attributes do you think make a successful leader in IT?

Being able to inspire and encourage people to do their best. Trust people and give them the space to excel!

If you could give one piece of advice about developing a career in tech, what would it be?

Take small steps, build your network, give your 100%, learn something everyday, don’t be afraid to ask a question and when things get hard – imagine if you had a friend facing the same challenges and what advice you would give to them. You just need that same advice!