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Senior Oracle Developer

Role Deliverables  
  • Working in an Agile DevOps team that accompanies features from analysis, design, implementation, functional testing to operation and support.
  • Develop high-performance data handling procedures and packages in Oracle.
  • Debug, fix and enhance existing systems for optimised performance.
  • Develop design documents and provide design insights to upcoming enhancements to the system.  
Role Requirements  
  • Strong analysis, design, and implementation knowledge in Oracle environment.
  • Strong development, maintenance, and administration expertise, including designing & re- engineering Oracle platforms
  • Proven ability to work with Oracle SQL and PL/SQL languages
  • Experience in performing database performance assessment and optimisation.
  • Working knowledge in implementing high availability features of an Oracle database
  • A strong understanding of XML, XPath, and XQuery, able to analyze and create complex Xpath and Xquery statements.  
Job Location

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adalaide, Perth, Offsite    

If you are interested in the above job, please forward your resume to, newman.ponniah@calleo.com.au   or call us on  0404 331 242

Due to the nature of this role, this job is open to Australian Citizens only. Candidates who currently hold or able to obtain Federal Government Security Clearances are highly desirable.

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