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Procurement Officer

Procurement Officer
Please Note: Candidates must have Procurement and/or Panel management experience to be considered for this role.
Our client is seeking a Procurement Officer with strong procurement skills and experience in utilising Panels. The Officer is to have knowledge of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) and government interconnected policies and how they are to be applied.
The Officer will be required to manage multiple panel procurements, complete relevant forms of engagement via panels for example Work Order, Official Order, etc which will require strong organisation and communication skills.
The Officer will need to work autonomously and within a team environment. The Officer will need to be flexible in how they approach work noting the need to operate in an often high- pressure environment, dealing with high volumes of work requiring the Officer to be able to prioritise their workload to deal with changes in priorities.
The Officer will be required to:  

  • Utilising internal and external panel arrangements.
  • Provide advice to staff in relation to procurement activities to ensure compliance with internal procedures and the Commonwealth Procurement Framework.
  • Prioritise workloads to ensure deadlines can be met.
  • Work with various stakeholders and suppliers, in a collaborative manner when undertaking procurement activities and panel management.
  • Work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team and support all team objectives.
  • Analyse data and develop reports from contract data and identify areas of contract improvement, efficiencies, savings and opportunities to increase client satisfaction from contract reporting.
  • Work as part of the team and support team objectives.
  • Ensure risks and issues are escalated to the appropriate delegate in a timely manner
  • Account reconciliation and other contract maintenance if required.
  • Other duties as required.

Required Competencies  

  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Cooperates with others to achieve organisational objectives and may share team resources in order to do this. Collaborates with other teams as well as industry colleagues.
  • Influence and Communication: Uses knowledge of other party’s priorities and adapts presentations or discussions to appeal to the interests and level of the audience. Anticipates and prepares for reactions of others.
  • Resource Management/Leadership: Sets up and maintains effective and efficient work teams and manages performance and resources, to achieve objectives. Chooses appropriate management strategies and communication styles to maintain high levels of motivation and productivity. Gives feedback for development purposes and provides support and direction for improvement.
  • Judgement and Problem Solving: Investigates underlying issues of complex and ill-defined problems and develops appropriate response by adapting/creating and testing alternative solutions.
  • Independence: Plans, sets and works to meet challenging standards and goals for self and/or others. Recognises where endeavours will make the most impact or difference, decides on desired outcome and sets realistic goals to reach this target.
  • Adaptability: Copes with ambiguity or situations that lack clarity. Adapts readily to changing circumstances and new responsibilities (which may include activities outside own preferences) in the interests of achieving team objectives. Recognises the need for and undertakes personal development as a result of changes.

If interested, please apply directly through the links provided. Alternately, contact Kalpana Palaniyappa for more information.

Kalpana Palaniyappa
0403 200 666  

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